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 We work hard in our lives, and while we may sleep, we rarely take time to rest deeply. Restorative Yoga is for everybody who wants to relax, nourish, and restore themselves.

 In this special 90 minute class with Val, we use props to support you in gentle seated and floor yoga poses that open, release and allow the body to soften and the mind to let go.

  Deep relaxation results in lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It increases "good cholesterol" levels and improves digestion. It releases hormones that relieve stress and insomnia.

 No Yoga Experience Required.

monthly Workshops

Slow down and step away from our active (yang) lives. In this workshop you will explore yin postures that open up energy channels and support the body and connective tissues. Counteract more active yoga or exercise practices with long passive holdings at our "edge" using yogic breathing and meditation to stay present and allow more deep opening.

Reiki is a relaxation and healing practice that reduces tension and relieves stress. It induces a meditative state while infusing the client and practitioner with life force energy. The energy is believed to heal the mind, body and spirit while balancing the emotions. The Reiki System of Natural Healing was developed in Japan by Mikao Usui starting in 1914.

 Reiki is a non-invasive technique done with the client clothed. Since there is no manipulation of the body the technique is perfectly safe.

Beginner Power Yoga

Kripalu Yin Yoga

This 5 week series will introduce you to the benefits of empowered yoga, Learn the basic poses and transitions in a power yoga practice in a safe comfortable atmosphere. 

 Power yoga is traditionally practiced in a heated studio however, that does not appeal to everyone. We've designed this class for those seeking the benefits of power yoga less the hot studio. Our studio will be a comfortable 72 degrees allowing you to build inner heat, increase flexibility, find strength, improve physical and emotional balance, and mental focus.

​  Modifications offered and encouraged to help you on your power yoga journey.